Sonyc VGM pack

by wolf_ on 30-07-2010, 10:56
Topic: Music

ValleyBell, from the SMS POWER! forum, has released two music packs containing both the FM and Moonsound music from Sonyc. This MSX2+ game was made by Analogy in 1997, with music by MRC web maintainer Jorito. Once you've followed the instructions in the relevant forum thread, all you need to do is drag 'n drop the m3u files onto the VGM player, and use B and N to skip through the songs.

Relevant link: SMS POWER! - Sonyc VGM pack

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By Grauw

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30-07-2015, 10:32

You can find them on nowadays:

Sonyc (MoonSound)
Sonyc (MSX-Music)

Can be played back on MSX using VGMPlay for MSX!

By syn

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30-07-2015, 14:13

Speaking of VGM players on msx, what ever happened to Pop!art?