39th MSX RU Barcelona - video

by wolf_ on 05-06-2011, 17:04
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday, the 39th edition of RU Barcelona took place. One of the visitors has made a video recording of the event, and uploaded it to YouTube. The video gives a good impression of the day, with people like Sapphire from QBIQS fame, viejo_archivero from Relevo Videogames and Sander from SuperSoniqs among many many others. What are you waiting for? Go see what you may have missed!

Relevant link: 39th RU Barcelona - video

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By Sd-Snatcher

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05-06-2011, 22:40

Que bien , que rapido el primer video este año.

Que pena no haber podido ir.

By Ivan

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05-06-2011, 23:05

Great! I didn't know that the event was scheduled to be held yesterday so I didn't attend!!! Sad Sad Sad