Retro Euskal '07 photo shoot

by viejo_archivero on 23-07-2007, 11:03
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Last weekend the biggest computer-related event in the Basque Country, the 15th Euskal Encounter, was being held. Inside the fair, there was a retro zone called Retro Euskal, where many conferences about old systems and their developments were given. A large retro museum was built, housing a great many old computer systems.

The MSX system was -of course- present in the retro museum as well, and some of the interesting conferences were somehow related to the MSX: Jörn Mika (aka Prodatron), demonstrated the power of his well-known CPC and MSX Operating System SymbOS, running on a TurboR: a multitasking demonstration, MP3 replaying and a prototype of a web browser. Rafael Corrales and Miguel Durán, from MadriSX Association, also showed up on this event, presenting the new status of MadriSX as an official Association.

But this was certainly not all! Among other things, the event also included retro game challenges, product presentations for other platforms and demos for 8-bits systems. Viejo_archivero, from Karoshi Corporation was also present with a few other MSX users and took photos of this major event. His photo shoot can be seen at the Karoshi Corporation website!

Relevant link: Retro Euskal '07 photo shoot at the Karoshi Corporation website

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By wolf_

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23-07-2007, 12:56

And everywhere, Prodatron shows up to demo SymbOS.. Brazil, Basque, Finland, NL .., I think some ppl around here wish to know where you can buy those trees on which 'time' grows. Hannibal

By RobertVroemisse

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24-07-2007, 16:42

I know where those trees are. Right next to those famous trees where money grows on. Wow, talking 'bout taking your hobby seriously... RESPECT Tongue

By wolf_

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24-07-2007, 17:08

One might say that SymbOS' marketing department is equally as penetrating as Microsoft's, and in a way both products share some similarities ofcoz. ^_^ What's next? A Linux distro for MSX for those who don't like SymbOS and hone it away? Tongue

By pitpan

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24-07-2007, 18:00

UZIX? Wink

By Prodatron

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25-07-2007, 02:50

Guess next time I should make only a SymShell focused presentation Tongue
In any case SymbOS just looks like Windows (to show the todays "lamers" that such stuff works on our Z80) but has nothing to do with both Windows and Linux, as they both have a monolithic kernel design. Such a design would make a port to another Z80 system terrible hard. So because of the micokernel structure we will have a third port soon, too Wink