Zandvoort 1994 photo shoot

by snout on 14-04-2006, 23:31
Topic: Photo shoots

Many MSX fans around the world cherish good memories of the Dutch MSX fairs of the 1990s. Once a year, large international MSX meetings were held in both Tilburg and Zandvoort, which attracted thousands of visitors from all around the world. With the help of our visitors, we have managed to bring you some nostalgic photo shoots of Tilburg 1990, Tilburg 1995, Tilburg 1996, Zandvoort 1991, Zandvoort 1995, Zandvoort 1996 and Zandvoort 1997 in the past. Now, thanks to Wolf_, we can add a few pictures taken on Zandvoort 1994 to that list. The pictures give a nice impression of the size and atmosphere of these legendary MSX fairs.

If you have any pictures taken on MSX (related) meetings around the world, recent or old, please consider (scanning and) sending them to so that we can add them to our ever growing photo shoots section. Currently, the photo shoots section contains more than 2,700 pictures taken on various MSX events around the world.

Relevant link: Zandvoort 1994 - photo shoot

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By Unicorn

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15-04-2006, 22:15

Aaaaah yes, the good 'ol days! LOL!

By spacemoai1973

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14-04-2016, 00:19

Oh I'm on the photo! Cool