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by RobertVroemisse on 31-01-2012, 11:13
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The game Donkey Kong by Nintendo was released in 1981 on arcade machines in Japan and North America. In 1982, Coleco was licensed to port the game and so, a Colecovision version was made in 1983 while the MSX users would have to wait until 1986 to receive their port by Ocean of this popular game. The MSX port was, once again, a slightly tuned-down version of the game where some elements such as difficulty settings were not included. Recently, MSX user GDX ported the Colecovision version of the game to MSX in order to get a more complete version of the game including the aforementioned difficulty settings. The conversion is based on the Mission Colecovision emulator for MSX and features some nice improvements such as improved support for keyboard and joysticks.

Relevant link: Donkey Kong

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By mars2000you

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31-01-2012, 14:51

There was an error in the news on MSX blue (and in the text file) :  no SCC sound in this conversion. As Mr. Do!, Donkey Kong uses only 3 voices, so SCC is not required.

I've corrected the news and the text file will be adapted.

By snout

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31-01-2012, 15:41

Thx for reporting, I edited the news here as well!

By Manuel

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31-01-2012, 20:35

Does it have a kill screen?

By MäSäXi

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01-02-2012, 08:47

Thank you again! Big smile It feels a little funny as there is no "How high can you get" screen between levels, so next level starts instantly when you have rescued the maid. Smile Great game!! Smile