Bomb Jack and Stray Cat in the MSX Cartridge Shop

by Imanok on 21-03-2010, 12:28
Topic: Software

Last weekend at RetroMadrid 2010, the MSX Cartridge Shop released two new cartridges: Bomb Jack (Kralizec) and Stray Cat (Imanok). Bomb Jack includes a demo mode and some optimizations from the MSX2 disk version, while Stray Cat includes two new stages added to the original MSXDev'09 version. Both cartridges can be already ordered from the MSX Cartridge Shop website and cost €18 each. The benefits from the sales of these cartridge game editions go to the AAMSX Association.

Other products in the MSX Cartridge Shop are:

  • Caos Begins (Hikaru Games - 2008)
  • Majikazo (Lemonize - 2008)
  • Operation Wolf (Toy Box Games - 2008)
  • Traffic Jam (Imanok - 2008)
  • Perfect Fit (Paxanga Soft - 2008)
  • J.E.T.P.A.C. (Imanok - 2009)
  • Cold Blood (Paxanga Soft - 2009)
  • Monster Hunter (Nerlaska - 2009)
  • BeTiled! (CEZ Silver - 2007)
  • I Need Speed (CEZ GS - 2009)
  • Mega Flash ROM

Relevant link: MSX Cartridge Shop

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By Metalbrain

Expert (67)

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22-03-2010, 16:23

CEZ GS games BeTiled! and I Need Speed have also been added to the shop.

By hap

Paragon (2040)

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22-03-2010, 19:27

ok, silently added those 2 to the newspost list

By Guillian

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22-03-2010, 20:25

Thanks, hap Hannibal

By MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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24-03-2010, 09:31

Does Kralizek´s Bombjack has other than PSG sound? In youtube video it sounds quite PSGish, but I am not sure if there´s some other sound cartridge attached or not... Music sounds bit too soft for being PSG only, but I am not totally sure.

Anyway, sound is good, but it still sounds bit weird, because I was grown to the fact that Bombjack plays Jean-Michel Jarre......... Wink

By Ramones

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25-03-2010, 01:00

PSG Only. Wink

By Imanok

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30-06-2016, 09:46

I've just uploaded the cartridge version of Stray Cat to my site:


Enlighted (6845)

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30-06-2016, 14:41

Nice! what did you use to code it?

By Imanok

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30-06-2016, 15:42

All my assembler games have been made with sjasm


Enlighted (6845)

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01-07-2016, 00:22

Uwol seems coded in a sort o basic, what is it?

By Imanok

Paragon (1192)

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01-07-2016, 08:27

It's coded with Nestorpreter (a basic pre-interpreter by Konamiman). Check it here: