ICON Games releases two new MSX games

by Bart on 17-04-2007, 21:14
Topic: Software

SLotman of MSX Files announced the final release of Blinky's Scary School and Carmen Sandiego. Of both games preview versions were released earlier. SLotman released both games under the ICON Games label and they're sold at $5.00 each at the ICON Games webshop.

Relevant link: ICON Games

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By Patsie

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17-04-2007, 22:01

yay! Finaly a Carmen SanDiego for our beloved MSX. Good work, Slotman!

By viejo_archivero

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18-04-2007, 12:24

Really, nice!. Congrats for the releases mr. Slotman! Tongue

By msxgamesbox

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18-04-2007, 16:50

Well done SLotman! Carmen San Diego, a good all-time favourite on the MSX! Thanks for the job and bringing back good old memories back to me (I hadn't played it for years)

By SLotman

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19-04-2007, 17:15

Thanks guys... and at least there's another one coming up soon, just have to make the music for this one Wink

By Oscar

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24-05-2007, 20:48

I found a bug in Carmen Sandiego. Please, SLotman, answer my emails. Smile