IMS player for MoonSound

by snout on 27-04-2011, 18:46
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Shortly after the IMS Player for FM-PAC, the active Korean MSX developer Sharksym also released an IMS player for MoonSound. This version supports custom sound banks and needs about 256kB or RAM in order to be able to play a 100kB IMS file. To hear the player in action you can check out this YouTube video.

Relevant link: IMS player for MoonSound 0.3

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By edoz

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29-04-2011, 17:55

Cool.. how do you select between 2 options in M ? Is this a new feature ? .. like also the piano sound!! .. You are making cool stuf for MSX!! go ahead !!LOL!

By Retrofan

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27-07-2014, 16:10

IMS files are hard to get, but here are some tunes. Archive contains over 300 IMS files! Even more over here (scroll down) Maybe MRC can host all those files as well as mirror?

By Retrofan

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27-07-2014, 16:10

What about making IMS files with Lee Ho Bum's MS-DOS Tracker program called Note? For link see previous post. A video of this tracker can be seen here and here

From what I learned this program might be the only one that uses pure OP4 instruments for OPL3 (Unlike many other who use OP2 instruments with added OPL3 waveforms).

True retro noise! ;) And maybe easy portable to MSX as we already have this IMS player :) And even an IMS player for MSX-MUSIC for those who don't have an OPL3/OPL4...

By syn

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28-07-2014, 21:38

I love that neon genesis evangelion theme Wink