Knightmare Gold 2.0

by SLotman on 14-05-2006, 14:58
Topic: Software

Knightmare Gold, which was first released last year by Amusement Factory, has just been released to the public on the Knightmare Gold website.

This public version does not only have a lot of bugfixes, but is also a big improvement from version 1.0 distributed last year. This version comes with better and more colorfull graphics (everything from stages to end level bosses was re-colored), cheats, an "easy" playing mode, improved cd-audio tracks and much more.

The game is released as a patch, which will modify the ROM data of the original Knightmare game, thus creating Knightmare Gold. A small review of the game can also be found on The MSX Files.

Relevant link: Knightmare Gold website

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By iamweasel2

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15-05-2006, 16:31

Just to say its a great work, congratulations to all the people involved in this job, it's a great enhancement to the original Knightmare game. I hope we can see this kind of job in other great classic games from MSX. Smile


Enlighted (6126)

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15-05-2006, 23:31

I must say, that I'm bad MSX user as I haven't yet even tested this, but don't worry... I definately will Smile

By only_69

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16-05-2006, 21:34

Well, the patch has to be applied to any specific knightmare rom (I mean, a specific crc) like the goodroms one or any one will fit? Question


Resident (40)

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17-05-2006, 04:37

Great Daniel and Pablo (Parn)!!
Your job is great. We worth it!!
Now, all the world can enjoy it.
Your work on manuals is better than even some professional ones.

By Fudeba

Expert (113)

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18-05-2006, 13:26

First of all, thanks. Smile
About "specific ROM", yes, KMG needs a perfect dump of the original game. I believe it's possible to find it already dumped on FUNET.. Big smile

By poke-1,170

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18-05-2006, 14:15

hmmm, fuller colours, beefed up gfx ! looks pretty neat !

By BiFi

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24-05-2006, 11:10

I did notice the sprites coming 1 line later...


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25-05-2006, 12:26

Graphics are really cute and scroll is much better than in original, so I must say that you have done a really good work!

If you are still working with the project there is still some things, that I would like to change:

- If I start the game from CF card the loader will rotate my diskdrive. If disk is not in drive I get "Not ready reading drive F:" and "Abort or Retry (A/R)?" prompt and I can't start the game.

- You should really disable the screen while clearing it for Konami logo.

- I think drawing of Konami logo is a bit slow

- It is pity that the connection is slow, but as you practically need to download all the music files (if you want to make a CD) it really sucks, that you can't download it as a bundle, that includes all the needed files. Now you have to come to click next download in every 10 minutes!


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07-07-2006, 05:04

I found another problem: If the CD-ROM drive is connected to secondary IDE-controller, it is not detected. The IDE-controller where CD-ROM is connected needs to be in lower slot. Otherways you get PSG only music.

By journey

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07-06-2022, 11:11

Would it be possible to use Knightmare GOLD (and related music) with the FWAV Thecnology for FlashJacks and MSXVR?

By gdx

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07-06-2022, 11:20

The FlashJacks has the capacity to do it.

By iamweasel2

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07-06-2022, 16:12

journey wrote:

Would it be possible to use Knightmare GOLD (and related music) with the FWAV Thecnology for FlashJacks and MSXVR?

I dont see why It couldn't be done, but since there aren't many flashjacks available and AFAIK no emu that supports FWAV, It might take some time to see such patch available...