Malaika on cartridge

by Ivan on 19-05-2007, 19:31
Topic: Software

Source: Karoshi's MSX Forum

In this thread of Karoshi's MSX Forum it has been announced that a revised version of the game Malaika - Prehistoric Quest is going to be released soon on Shockware format. This updated version will feature a new scroll routine, changes in some parts of the game to make it easier, bigger and more detailed jewels and other minor modifications. As you all probably know, Malaika - Prehistoric Quest is an impressive platform game for MSX1 and higher developed by Karoshi that ended in the 2nd place in the MSXdev'06 contest. The design of the cover and the user's manual are already finished.

Although there has been no official announcement by Matra yet, it seems that the price of the games released on Shockware format is going to raise from €10 ($13.50) to €12.50 ($16.90), taking effect on Juny 1st.

Relevant link: Karoshi's MSX Forum
Relevant link: Matra Computer Automations

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By hap

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20-05-2007, 09:24

If Google's Spanish->English translation is correct, an updated version will also be released on the internet. Smile

Does this update make the later bosses easier? I was unable to beat the 3rd boss due to it being too fast for my reflexes and patience, the rest of the game was fairly easy compared to that.

By viejo_archivero

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20-05-2007, 10:10

hap: yeah, it will be released on the internet and sold in cartridge at the same time, for those wanting to have it in its physical version Wink. About the endbosses, dificulty has been adjusted a little bit too, but don't expect an easy game, uh? Smile

By Ivan

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20-05-2007, 11:56

It is nice that developers improve their original games when they release them on Shockware Smile

By Ivan

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20-05-2007, 11:57

Btw, Monster Hunter was also going to be released on cartridge with some improvements if I'm not wrong.

By doraemonppc

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21-05-2007, 21:18

I want it LOL!
It will be released for the next BCN ru or we can buy it online in a more near future?
Shockware and Msxdev r00lz LOL!LOL!

By dvik

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22-05-2007, 09:21

Great news LOL! Looking forward to see the improved version !