Meridian 2.1

by Bart on 10-08-2002, 22:13
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: The MSX mailing list

Michiel de Vries wrote:Coming next saturday august 17th, I will put an update of the current version of Meridian 2.1 on the site The program wont't be finished then, but a lot a lot of improvements have been added to it:

  • System Exclusive editor is full operational
  • MIDI driver full is operational
  • Meridian is packed in one MERIDIAN.PGM file. (no .COM files anymore)
  • Events delete, block transpose en velocity change have been improved
  • Helptext has been extendedetc..

Visit the site for all the details. You can see some screenshots of the program, but they aren't up to date, it's just for an impression.