Montezuma's Revenge announced

by SLotman on 29-08-2007, 22:45
Topic: Software

After converting Jungle Hunt from Coleco to MSX (which will soon be available), SLotman from ICON Games and MSX Files is finishing up another Coleco conversion: Montezuma's Revenge! A video of the game has been put on Youtube for us to get an impression of this conversion.

Relevant link: Youtube video

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By jltursan

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30-08-2007, 13:05

Looks very addictive!. I wonder how hard could be to tweak the graphics a bit once the game has been converted. IMO the coleco games have a superb use of hardware sprites; but they usually have blend background graphics; maybe they could be improved a bit...

By viejo_archivero

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30-08-2007, 14:24

Excellent, SLotman!!

By Sama

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30-08-2007, 14:52

Looks very nice!

By SLotman

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31-08-2007, 14:37

Actually, the graphics of Montezuma's Revenge from the Coleco is one of the best of all ports I seen of this game - it's only surpassed by the Master System - but even on that console the graphics could be way better...

Also, there isnt much to be done, the game works on Screen 1 (which actually seems necessary, since there are some rooms with lots of animation on it!)

But one improvement I already did, was to convert the SMS title screen to MSX... Smile

By jltursan

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01-09-2007, 21:05

So if the game is originally SC1 then you're right, there's nothing much to do, the tiles are forced to 2 colors...Sad. I'm getting more and more interested on Coleco conversion, maybe a gem like Frantic Freddy could be ported to MSX after all Smile

Great work!