More freeware MSX downloads

by snout on 26-12-2003, 02:43
Topic: Software

Thanks to Benoît Delvaux of Marsupone and MSX Valley we were able to add some interesting downloads to our freeware downloads database today. He also sent us some fixes to the disk images of Quasar 21 (extra disk added) and Quasar 27 (correct disk b added). If you had downloaded these files previously, be sure to download them again! Furthermore we added the following files:

  • Audio demo (ACE) - A demo for the Philips Music Module
  • MCMN Infodisk 1 (MSX Club Midden Nederland) - A dutch diskmagazine
  • MCMN Infodisk 2 (MSX Club Midden Nederland) - A dutch diskmagazine
  • RMF Megademo 1 - Royal Art (RMF) - A megademo with a lot of ego, jokes, nice effects and stunning music (created by Wolf)
  • Warp (FCS) - One of the first First Class Software demo's

We hope you will enjoy these titles, happy downloading!

Relevant link: MSX Downloads Database