Multi menu for flashrom cartridges

by Fish on 16-06-2020, 21:22
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Our user anemotionalfish have had a SCC flash rom cartridge lying around for quite some time, which was made from a broken King’s Valley 2 cartridge by Roadfighter.
He wanted to store more than one game on it, and it should have been possible to use it on a MSX1.
GDX made a excellent menu for the MFR a time ago and anemotionalfish decided to enhance it a bit with some SCC background music. (Only to be heard when using a MSX2 or higher)
The end result is a nice 512kb rom file. He included some of the games he made and 2 new games.

  • Geezer is an example game which is included in the AGD software and enhanced it a bit with some nice PSG music.
  • Night Stalker is a ZX spectrum game which was easily converted with the AGD suite.

In the credits section he have mentioned which tools he have used to make this rom file.
You can flash the ROM file with FL.exe to a SCC flash rom cartridge.
It is also possible to use it on a Megaflashrom SCC, but please use the parameters /k5 /u for it to work.

Relevant link: Download from our database

Comments (3)

By gdx

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22-06-2020, 02:02

The link is disabled.

PS: I made loaders for Megaflashrom but not menu.

By hamlet

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22-06-2020, 06:32

Should work now.

By gdx

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22-06-2020, 10:01

Ah, okay. This "Menu" is my program I called "Multi-boot".