Polka! Color Changer

by Unregistered user on 27-06-2011, 20:43
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Imagine you have a Polka! file with a lot of tiles and now you need to change the palette order of the colors for some reason (typically you want to use multicolor sprites in screen 4). Until now, the only way to do that was to change manually the colors on all the tiles. Now you can use Polka! Color Changer. A small windows utility from Z80ST-Software that allows to load a Polka! file and reorder its colors to create a new file with colors changed.

Relevant link: Z80ST-Software Blog

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By Huey

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28-06-2011, 22:34


I for sure could have used this tool in the past. Hannibal

By snout

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29-06-2011, 12:22

Great to see third party support for this Polka!l Is this functionality implemented in/planned for Polka2? And, as a matter of fact, could we get a little status update on Polka2?

By wolf_

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29-06-2011, 13:21

Naturally it's on the list for P2. For my own in-house drawing tools (either finished or unfinished) I've implemented this feature already. On the infinite website you can see a screenshot of the tool I made to draw the Jailbreak tiles, that tool already has palette color swap, both with or without image update. You may safely assume that anything of any practical value has been scheduled for P2.

By Manuel

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30-06-2011, 19:25

Except for the release date Tongue

By Edwin

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30-06-2011, 20:53

It's release is scheduled for this millennium!

By wolf_

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30-06-2011, 21:56

I think MRC2k11 will be out first.. Hannibal

By Edwin

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01-07-2011, 00:17

Now don't be ridiculous. I said *this* millennium! Tongue