SymbOS 1.1 alpha3

by snout on 19-09-2006, 02:41
Topic: Software
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Source: MSX Forum

A new preview version of SymbOS - a multitasking, window-based GUI - for MSX has just been released. New in this version:

  • 16 colour video support in SymPlay
  • Support of 512x212 pixel background graphics with 4 and 16 colours
  • 16 colour graphic support in SymSee

For more information on SymbOS please visit the SymbOS website. Specific details on the MSX version, feedback and development support can all be obtained and delivered in the SymbOS discussion on our forum.

Relevant link: SymbOS for MSX 1.1 alpha3 (direct download)

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Resident (40)

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19-09-2006, 03:15

Hey, how can I make this work on BlueMSX, inside a HD image, under DOS 2?
By simply coping the files, the SymbOS hangs, even pressing ALT+arrows. Any hint?
Congratulations for the work.
Thanks Wink

By Patsie

Master (254)

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19-09-2006, 06:47

You can use this diskimage as a harddisk in BlueMSX, and start 'symbos' on the prompt. When using a non-WD2739 diskrom (anything not philips or sony) supply the correct diskrom parameter (or 'f0' to disable floppy support whatsoever, ie: 'symbos f0')


Resident (40)

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20-09-2006, 03:15

Cool. Thanks.
It worked with f0 option, on BLueMSX 2.6.
I also run mouse emulation. For that, configure port#1 as mouse before start SymbOS.
Viele Danke Jörn für deine Arbeite Wink