Uzix 0.1.7

by Bart on 21-11-2000, 23:20
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Hi, MSXers.I’m proud to announce a new release, 0.1.7, of UZIX.Some highlights:

  • kernel enhancement;
  • some kernel bugfixes;
  • better module handling (now the local ping wastes only 100ms!);
  • more robust handling for module ’orphan calls’;

This version 0.1.7 has also a new TCP/IP Stack version. Somehighlights:

  • better system performance;
  • some module bugfixes;
  • two new applications: chat (see below) and mailf (POP3 e-mailreader);
  • dial-up connection to the Internet;

YES, now you can connect your MSX to the Internet, dialing directly to your ISP using a modem! Tests were made in Brazil and Netherlands (thanks, Alex Wulms!) and were successful. Here in Brazil I connected to two big ISPs ("UOL" and "Terra") using a 2400bps modem and was able to do ping, telnet, ftp, resolve domain queries and read e-mail from my POP3 account.For those who forgot, the UZIX home page is at

,Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha