Another HansO web page update

by msxhans on 26-10-2001, 20:45
Topic: Websites

Hi,I spent some of my holiday time to bring you yet another HansO web update:

  • SVI 2000C Robotarm userguide
  • Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) first part with register and flag description, addressing modes, overview, list of instructions
  • Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) second part with detailed description of instructions
  • Z80/8080 compatibility (Leventhal book) third part with instruction tables for conversion etc
  • Do it yourself 32K S-RAM cartridge (contributed by Dan Derpaux, translated from the Syntax magazine)
  • Internal SVI 738 32K S-RAM (contributed by Dan Derpaux, translated from the Syntax magazine)
  • ZX81 emulator by Luis Claudio Grosso, for SVI 738 and Sony MSX2
  • More sources: by Pierre Gielen many sources of handy utilities

Visit my page at:

Comments (3)

By msxhans

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27-10-2001, 11:41

I need to defend myself....

The HansO site is non-commercial! I make no profit, it costs me money and a lot of spare time!
There is a big amount of information here. In the past I have made cd versions of this site. After being accused of commercial activities (which is NOT true, i gave away most free or at cost price) I decided NOT to do that anymore.
And I do consider now to stop developing this site any further and move all this to the Funet archives.
Alas, the MSX scene has not changed in attitude.

By Bart

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27-10-2001, 16:32

Nuff said on this subject. Keep up the good work Hans.

By msxhans

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09-11-2001, 22:28

After a week downtime we hope all sites at will be online again. by Kiwi MSX Club West Friesland