Bas Kornalijnslijper opens new website

by Latok on 13-02-2004, 09:47
Topic: Websites

With the demise of the MCWF website, the activities of this Dutch MSX Club became less visible for their (potential) audience. Their frontman, Bas Kornalijnslijper, had to create a new website where he can expose his MSX activities, such as collecting MSX hard- and software and, probably even more interesting, being a semi professional MSX hard- and software supplier- and repairer. This website is now ready and you can find it right here. Unfortunately only in Dutch.

The site gives a nice overview of the MSX collection Bas Kornalijnslijper has built up over the years. It also contains extensive info about MSX supplies such as MSX computers, monitors, cables, memory extensions, diskdrives and much more. Complete with prices. You can check out this part of his website here.

At the moment, we don't know if the MCWF will continue with organizing MSX meetings. On these meetings, Bas Kornalijnslijper was always present with a large part of his MSX products. It is still possible to talk to him in person, though. Bas Kornalijnslijper is a regular visitor of the MSX meetings in Mariënberg. Just a few days ago, we reported about the upcoming meeting in Mariënberg on saturday, the 14th of february. If you're in need of some MSX stuff or your current MSX gear needs a revision, the MSX auction together with the presence of Bas Kornalijnslijper might convince you to give this MSX meeting a visit. Not to speak about the coolness of going to an MSX meeting in 2004, of course.

Relevant link: Bas Kornalijnslijper's MSX Pagina