HansO MSX info pages update

by Bart on 25-12-2002, 15:31
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HansO updated his MSX info pages again this month. Quiet a lot of activity these cold days! Good :DThe updates:

  • The C.U.C. covers issue 10 uptill issue 39
  • Added the dutch original text of the SVI.738 CP/M bios patches.
  • Pascal source by HansO of two programs: split (makes two halves of a file) and combine (glue the two halves together again) for MSX-DOS and CP/M
  • Pascal source with examples of filter programs: while copying a text file make adjustments like stripping to 7 bits or adding/removing text.
  • Covers and content pages of spanish magazines made available by Skyblasc!
  • To the C.U.C. covers section is added a dummy issue 6 cover.
  • Background info on Pascal compilers
  • FM-PAC Verder uitgediept
  • Added the front covers and contents of ICM Magazine, Italy to the non-dutch cover section

Check it out at HansO's MSX Info Pages

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By djh1697

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25-12-2017, 16:11

Hanso is an excellent resource for all MSX users. The link does not work try