Impulse9 - link added

Impulse9 - link added

by snout on 29-10-2012, 11:56
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Spanish developer Impulse9, known from their Retrospectiva 2010 entry Questprobe 2: Spiderman and their MSXdev entries Tomb of Genghis Khan and Italian Stallion has been added to our MSX links section. Apart from information on their released projects, their website also reveals their (hopefully still) upcoming game Xenium Core.

If you know of an interesting MSX website that is not yet listed in this overview, please submit it over here.

Relevant link: Impulse9

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By syn

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30-10-2012, 21:03

The first link (Spanish developer Impulse9) points to wrong url (

By snout

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30-10-2012, 22:00

Thx for reporting and..... fixed! Smile