MSX History has published a special article of Jail Break, the never released Konami game for MSX. With a series of evidences they demonstrate that this game was going to be released for MSX, being the most noticeable the MSX cartridge reference in the instructions booklet of the ZX Spectrum tape.

Relevant link: MSX History

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By ro

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11-04-2007, 08:29

By Ivan

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11-04-2007, 14:26

ro, it isn't a real cartridge (it is a photoshoped picture of how could have looked).

By Huey

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11-04-2007, 14:33

After reading some reviews I think it's best that it wasn't released on MSX. Tongue

By PingPong

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11-04-2007, 18:39

I think we have not lost anything. because the team was the european team, the final result is like green beret : A shit.!
Maybe at konami headq. have not released this because of the poor quality...

By RobertVroemisse

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13-04-2007, 10:41

At this site:

I found this sentence:

Jail Break's premise of a city overrun with convicts and a kidnapped ViP is based upon John Carpenter's 1981 film, 'Escape From New York'.

On some Metal gear site I found that Hideo Kojima was very much inspired by this movie. The main character of that movie is called Snake and there are more references to the Metal Gear series in that movie. So we could be looking at Metal Gear 0,5?


By Huey

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13-04-2007, 11:14

The 'escape from' film is a real good concept for a metal gear like game. I have been playing with this concept and story for several years now. But never got to any development tho.

I'm afraid that the gameplay of jailbreak is very far from the metal gear gameplay.

By RobertVroemisse

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13-04-2007, 12:23

From Wikipedia:

Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series is based upon Snake Plissken. There are many similarities between Escape movies and the game. In the second installment of Metal Gear Solid, The Sons of Liberty, Solid Snake uses the alias Iroquois Pliskin. Naked Snake, the legendary soldier who would become Big Boss, wears an eye patch in Snake Eater, and so does Solid Snake in Guns of the Patriots, similar to Snake Plissken. Solidus Snake from MGS2 also looks like an older Snake Plissken due to the fact he too has an eyepatch over his left eye. The movie and the game also have several plot elements in parallel.


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22-03-2018, 21:12

Free translation from a Finnish magazine at end of 1986: "Konami kicked out Imagine and will in future do arcade conversions by them self. First in line will be Jailbreak. This is good news for MSX owners since MSX-versions will be released at same time with other versions."