KoetjeMSX website restyled

by snout on 01-05-2004, 15:50
Topic: Websites

KoetjeMSX has completely renewed his MSX website. On his website you can find MSX news, some downloads, links, a chat page, a list of upcoming MSX events, a guestbook, information on KoetjeMSX and a view on KoetjeMSX's software collection.

Relevant link: KoetjeMSX's website

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By Hydragon

Paladin (717)

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01-05-2004, 15:56

Please Snout, thx for posting the message of the site..
But the link is incorrect, it has to be http://koetjemsx.no-ip.com

By snout

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01-05-2004, 15:57


By SeD_NcL

Master (152)

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01-05-2004, 16:11

I love the website logo! Wink

By Hydragon

Paladin (717)

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01-05-2004, 16:35


By BiFi

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02-05-2004, 09:21

What happened to all those links that were on your previous sites? Lost with the restyle?

By Hydragon

Paladin (717)

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15-05-2004, 09:53

Unfortunately yes, but if you want to resend again just use the email applet and send it with link and a description and I'll readd it sap