MAP updated with JoyNet documentation

by snout on 01-07-2007, 00:36
Topic: Websites

Source: International MSX Mailinglist

Grauw has updated the MAP (MSX Assembly Page) with documentation on JoyNet. JoyNet allows MSX computers to connect via their Joystick ports. Previously this information was available on his personal website only.

Relevant link: MAP

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By Grauw

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01-07-2007, 17:34

Not even my personal website… my old one, too, that hasn’t been updated since 2001 or something Smile. I hope no-one ever comes there, it’s a little embarassing -_-;; (but I don’t want to throw it away either Smile). So, it’s good that there is now a better place to visit for that information ^_^.

Didn’t just copy the information over BTW, but also updated the text a little and combined it with content from another page. And tried to find as many of the original files and links back, a lot has changed in these years and almost all links were broken. People should consider retention of their data a little more important if you ask me… It’s a shame when things get lost like this. I even had a trouble finding back the archives of the MSX Mailinglist pre-2003, I think there’s only one place left where it’s archived (although on one site I read that he had an archive on request).

The MRC is really nice in that regard, archives date back to 1996. And even the old link still works, so no broken links either. Coolness :).


By konamiman

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12-07-2007, 10:29

Just daydreaming, but... would someone being interested in developing an ethernet emulation layer for JoyNet, if I finally release an Ethernet UNAPI specification?

By dvik

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12-07-2007, 20:14

That would be pretty cool. Doesn't openMSX support JoyNet already?