MSX internet radio

by Bart on 16-07-2001, 03:30
Topic: Websites

Tristan has set up a MSX music internet radio station which broadcasts MSX music only 24/7! Smile At least a 56kbps connection is required to listen without glitches.

You can listen to it at:

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By Ikeda

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16-07-2001, 16:23

This is very cool!
I want contact with creator who OMEGA.
Would you tell me E-mail address of OMEGA?

By msxgamesbox

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16-07-2001, 23:15

Jesus! This is kicking ass... i can’t tell you how great this is - just the best MSX thing that arrived on the web for ages! Congratulations OMEGA, i’ll sure tune in from time to time - eager to hear you broadcast live from your MSX. :-))))

By Omega

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18-07-2001, 02:02

I was amazed that noone had this idea before. Internet radio is pretty common nowadays!

Hey guys, if there are enough people interested i can make a 33kbps or lower version too, for those without fast connections! How about that?!

Soon I’ll try a live broadcast from my MSX, playing a music disk or something. I’ll announce it to the mailinglist...