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by Omega on 14-07-2002, 05:06
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Omega gave us some updates about the MSX Radio. Here it is:

"Thanks to the American DMCA I will have to start paying royalties for broadcasting music online. Even if I get permission from the authors. Live365 will discontinue stations after August 1st if they don't sign up for a monthly fee of at first $5. But don't worry, I've decided that I'll keep MSX Radio online for the time being, at least for as long as the cost is bearable. And now for something a bit happier: thanks to the Arranger team, I can play songs from their album Arranger Gold and their maybe soon to be released Arranger Platinum! Lots of great arranged MSX game music. Check them out in the new MSX Radio v2.6 playlist."

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By msxgamesbox

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15-07-2002, 08:50

Royalties to whom? THey must be kidding... anyway, this is just another commercial move - the 'free' internet time, space of freedom - is more or less over. One day we'll have to pay to make use of a search engine etc... I remember the times of free web hosting (almost impossible to find nowadays), banner-ad free on Hotline etc... well.

By snout

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15-07-2002, 10:04

Back then it was already clear that things like that were actually impossible.

Datatraffic costs shitloads of money, servers have to be maintained, banner-ads don't make the ammount of money they used to do anymore and every radio station - wether online or offline - has got to pay roalties to the companies/agencies that protect the (copy)rights of the original artists.(Buma/Stemra in the Netherlands).

As long as you get value for money, paying a couple of bucks a month isn't a big deal imho. And I'm glad it isn't a big deal to Omega either.


Did you know that even stores where they play music have to pay roalties to Buma/Stemra?