MSX Solutions: Koneko no dai bouken - Chibi-chan ga iku

by wolf_ on 17-12-2009, 19:30
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The map machine from Brasil spins like a happy cat, with only_69 providing more maps than we can cope with! At least you'll know how to spend your Christmas days, next week. Take his latest map for instance: Koneko no dai bouken - Chibi-chan ga iku. Just like his earlier effort this week, he dives into history and picks up an old 1986 game from Casio to map. Once again a game with a long title in English as well: Adventure of a small cat - Chibi goes on adventure. And a rather colorful game it is too. There've not been many Mario clones on MSX, but within the genre this game surely deserves its own universe.

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Comments (2)

By Imanok

Paragon (1192)

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29-12-2009, 16:28

Nice one Smile
I like this game... I didn't know it was that long!

By MäSäXi

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30-12-2009, 12:31

I like this game too, but unlike Imanok, I didnt know it was that short!!

years ago when I played it last time, I easily managed to play several times through (as same LEVEL appear again, thought trees and flowers etc are bit different place), and I had many lives left and was bored already and had to quit just because I had to go shopping before shops close. Now, when I checked that map, I saw that there was JUST LAST LEVEL LEFT, before end screen.... but how did I knew it back then... Smile