MSX Solutions - Randar 3

by wolf_ on 18-05-2008, 11:50
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To boldly map what no MSX'er has mapped before, is only_69's motto. The latest addition to MSX Solutions is Randar 3, perhaps Compile's finest adventure RPG. This map may be your ultimate guide into finishing this large game, but it may as well give game developers a detailed look into the design of such a game. Happy adventuring!

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By ro

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18-05-2008, 13:27

now i got no excuse to ever play that game Wink

(so euh, was it translated?)

By only_69

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18-05-2008, 13:44

In fact, Django made a partial translation of the game and a very useful walkthrough. The guy is from MSX Cafe and the walkthrough is in French.

By Edwin

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18-05-2008, 22:53

That's quite a map!