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by Vampier on 20-12-2009, 12:37
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Last month we pointed out that Vampier is a busy little bee when it comes to game videos. Aided by openMSX and the new reverse function (which you can obtain by downloading a dev version) has spent countless hours once more on some of the most famous MSX games. More games are being worked on, including Konami's Vampire Killer (what's in a name..). Currently completed games compared to the previous newspost:

Bit by bit, people all around the globe are giving us these interesting insights into MSX games, like only_69 with his maps and Vampier (and others on YouTube) with game videos. Maybe you have a suggestion for a game for which you'd like to see a video? Let's hear it!

Relevant link: Vampier's YouTube page

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By Vampier

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21-12-2009, 18:56

more to come next year

By JohnHassink

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22-12-2009, 13:46

Keep up the good work! Lovin' it.