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mp3 version of Airwaves - Goodnight

mp3 version of Airwaves - Sweep on 1channel

Originally created by Bart Roijmans, for Compjoetania Noise Disk, Meits made a Moonsound remake of the song.


van Honoppe op 17-12-2012, 23:34

A puzzle game in 10 lines of BASIC. Find two matching blocks that you can reach with your arrows and attempt to delete all blocks on the playing field. The game has three game modes, from easy to hard, providing a challenge to everyone.

Ball Bouncer

van nerlaska op 27-11-2012, 20:43

The eleventh entry in the Tenliner Challenge is the game Ball Bouncer, for MSX1 and higher. The aim of the game is to bounce the ball in some crazy levels filled with trampolines to collect the key in each level. You can move the ball with the left and right cursor keys.

Bat Up!

van B4rret op 17-12-2012, 23:52

Bat Up! is entry 19 and also the final entry in the Tenliner Challenge. Bay Up! is a game for MSX1 or higher where you are a bat stuck in a tower that's on fire, and your goal is to escape the tower by going as high as possible. That there's no end to the tower is not gonna stop you, right?

This remake of BDD's third theme was created in Moonblaster Wave, using ROM tones and a few custom samples.

Bubble Dream

van kotai op 16-12-2012, 14:57

Bubble Dream is entry #16 in the MRC Tenliner Challenge. It's a Super Pang like game in ten lines of MSX-BASIC. The game runs on MSX2 or higher, for the best experience X-BASIC (included in the download) or an MSX turbo R is recommended. The download features both a ROM and a disk image.

Meits' entry for the Scene Music Remake Challenge 2 (2007). Original music by Wolf.

"This particular tune scored a second place in a Moonblaster composing challenge which was organized by Sunrise Magazine.

The original tune dates from 1993

Used gear:
Roland JV1080
Roland SR-JV80-13
Korg X5D"

Chicago's 30 - Main Theme (FranSX)

van meits op 09-02-2014, 17:35

FranSX manually played this 8th entry to the Game Music Cover Challenge.

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