openMSX 0.4.0

van mth op 29-05-2004, 01:43 translated by snout
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Het heeft even geduurd, maar openMSX 0.4.0 is uitgebracht. Het belangrijkste onderdeel van deze release is Catapult, wat inmiddels een uitgenreide GUI voor openMSX geworden is. Verder zijn onder andere de volgende verbeteringen gemaakt:

  • Implemented TCL as central scripting language (including console)
  • New build system which replaces the GNU auto* tools
  • Added support for compiling on FreeBSD 4 and 5. Thanks to ag0ny, Jorito and Reikan. Also updated support for Mac OS X, thanks to Jalu
  • New frameskip/sync algorithm, which can deal much better with the situation where another process or the OS claims the CPU for a while. As a result, animation and music play more fluent and openMSX feels faster
  • Better CPU timing (Z80 and R800) and also for R800 specifically: CAS/RAS optimization, refresh delay, IO operations take 3 cycles
  • CPU frequency is not fixed anymore: Frequency can be unlocked and modified from the console and the "6MHz mode" of Panasonic MSX2+ machines is now supported
  • Fixes in TurboR FDC: FDD LED, disk change signal, drive detection, empty drive behaviour (Disk offline). Thanks to Tetsuo Honda
  • Finalized internal mapper for Panasonic FS-A1FM and added support for its "frontswitch" for the firmware
  • RS232 interface in Sony_HB-G900P has 2kb RAM
  • Sony HBI-55 datacartridge now fully implemented
  • Added proper support for Koei and Wizardry mappers (with SRAM). Thanks to dvik (blueMSX author) for the info
  • Added about 14 new machines
  • Volumes are all in a 0-100 range now; added master_volume setting
  • Several optimisations in rendering
  • Fixed sprites in overscan
  • Added basic frames-per-second indicator
  • New "type" command: use to enter text into the MSX keyboard buffer (not finalized yet)
  • Added a debugger interface to more devices. New debug interface commands

Voor een volledige lijst van updates kan je de release notes bekijken. Download openMSX 0.4.0 hier

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