Question about the Mega Flash Rom

Door StephenM

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11-03-2011, 23:10

Well, I used Disk2rom to convert the Music Creator .dsk
and Opfx musiccr.rom /M works fine...

But I thought, why not add some extra games to the mega flash rom too..
and yeah, oeps, then I have a problem.. !!

Music Creator seems to start only when using the /M option of opfx...
otherwise I get the Basic screen, (with 'files' giving some error)

About this /M option of opfx,
does this mean I can't select the installed roms with the Mega flash menu ???

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Van StephenM

Rookie (27)

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12-03-2011, 00:02

hmm, okey.. I'll guess I keep on using Music Creator by diskette...
because I can't save the synthsounds when I run from the mega flash rom !!

Maybe I get me the rom Update of the music module
so I don't need to press ESC all the time...

and yeah, I love the Music Module/Music Creator Sounds !!
It play's well by midi... Smile Smile