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Van BiFi

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23-12-2002, 21:15

The FAQ has to be rewritten, and we did not have the time to do that yet. Also, we were hoping the new website was less in need of a FAQ as many things have gotten a lot clearer. The link to the ultimate MSX FAQ was removed because it suddenly felt awkward to directly link to another site from our main menu. From mails we received in the past, we noticed many people thought the FAQ was maintained by us. Also, other people were wondering if we could link to them straight from the front page. Maybe we'll find a nice solution for this in the future, without turning down sites not mentioned on the frontpage. Either way, please keep us posted on updates in the FAQ, we'll mention them on the front page.

Of course, Manuel can post any FAQ updates himself as well.

Van Bart

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25-12-2002, 16:07

Indeed BiFi. That's what the news system is supposed to be for Smile So Manuel if you've done some mentionable stuff to the FAQ please submit Smile

Van anonymous

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30-12-2002, 00:14

Hey guyz, I figured out the MRC logo! Smile

At first I thought the line under the M was a bit weird. But if you look at the top there's the MRC logo and next to it 'MSX Resource Center Foundation'. Then I thought "why isn't 'foundation' in the logo" and then I thought "but it is!"

Foundation also means basis (or 'fundament' in dutch) so the line could mean foundation!

What a brilliant logo Tongue

Van Sander

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afbeelding van Sander

30-12-2002, 00:39

Well thanks for the compliments GuyveR800! :O

The logo was designed with the geometry of the MSX logo in mind. Most angles reflect those of the MSX logo. For those who feel that the logo is unclear: please note that a symbolic logo doesn't need exact correspondence with the name of the organisation.

Look at the Dutch railway logo for instance:

Please tell me wich letters you can't read there LOL!

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