Eggerland mystery

Door Edwin

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09-12-2004, 21:50

In a bit of a a retro mood I played some Eggerland Mystery again. Played the whole thing through when after a hundred levels it asked for a special word. Of course, I didn't bother to write any of the codes down.

So does anybody have the special word so I might see what's next? :-)

Thanks a lot!

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Van Edwin

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09-12-2004, 23:54

Nevermind, found the relocated MSX valley site. Curious that the search didn't turn it up.

Van EgMysAnne

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13-04-2008, 21:15

Maybe a little late, but still interested in the codes? LOL!

Van larsthe18th

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21-04-2009, 04:08

Just to complete this topic, in case anyone is searching the code while playing Eggerland...

01 - Emerald Framer ( The green Squeer)
02 - Lolo facing Left
03 - Closed Door
04 - Lolo facing Right
05 - Vertical Bridge
06 - Lolo facing Right
07 - Open Door
08 - Snakey Facing left, looking at you ( The green guy )
09 - Right Arrow
10 - Heart

For a complete Eggerland Guide, Click here

Van Randam

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21-04-2009, 06:55

On a side note: does anybody know a site where to get homemade stages for eggerland?

Van Guillian

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21-04-2009, 09:33

The special word in images Wink

Van JohnHassink

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21-04-2009, 11:28

@ Randam:

As far as I can remember, the Belgium-based "MSX Club Magazine" once issued a floppydisk containing stages for Eggerland.

In the Dutch / Flamish MSX scene there once was a solid demand for homemade stages (notably Eggerland, King's Valley II, Leprechaun...)
If you wish to look for some of those, use as search term the word "velden", which roughly translates as "stages" in Dutch (literally it means "fields" ).

Sorry, can't help you more than this, good luck!