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afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

11-01-2012, 16:43

1. Hmm... It seems that <pre> in wiki has once again a color problem...
See for example:

2. Could it be possible to fix columns of code box to "WIDTH 80" (with linebreaks enabled in middle of word)? I think those scroll bars are not good although they are better than previous system where the whole page got messed up...

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1784)

afbeelding van Jorito

11-01-2012, 17:57

The <pre> tags look fine here (black text on white), so I suspect it's your browser cache can you try clearing your cache?

About the code boxes: maybe. Chances are that it will break at the wrong places or that it can't properly break words, with all these weird BASIC oneliners Smile. Not to mention that WIDTH80 might not fit on a newspost comment...

Van anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

afbeelding van anonymous

12-01-2012, 13:01

Hmm... I think you are right... I'm now on another computer and the <pre> tags look fine...

About the code boxes: I'm afraid that you are correct... BASIC & BrainFuck stuff tends to look always bad then viewed on web-pages... I think that if this would be easy to fix it would have been done more often... I just thought that it newer hurts to ask as I know very little about the www tech stuf..

I think you already understand my problem very well, but just in case...

It would be just great if the sources would look like this:

Instead of this:

2 P(Y\4)=50-15*(Y\12AND1):NEXTY,X:N=14336:FORI=0TO383:VPOKEN+I,VPEEK((IAND7)+(IAND8)*V+(IAND48)\2+(IAND448)*8):NEXT:S$="3##B#C#c$B'r$B&s3#%##C#3%S';%S&s;##2#3#B#R#B#<=c'##c'#@C#)#2#,s##&wfw:w3w4w$w3w#w4w,DD0CDDDS0CDSDK0CDKDC0CDC":SOUND3,14
4 W=2^(IAND7):J=O*U\W\64:VPOKEI+512,JAND-W:VPOKEI+768,JOR-WANDU:J=8-O\8:VPOKEI,(JANDI)*U\J:NEXT:R=N\2:VPOKE8192,14:VPOKE1209,U:PLAY"v15o5arararo6aa":FORW=9TO10:PUTSPRITEW,(16+64*W,159),14,W-3:SOUNDW,14:N=N+9:NEXT:TIME=0:SOUND5,83:FORT=2TOR
5 PUTSPRITE0,(X+80,156),1,12:G=G+F*S\2:LOCATE1,1:D=96-(NAND127):Y=D>0:D=D*D\96(:PRINTUSING"SPEED:##0kmh  !  RANK:###";S;CHR$(76-L*4);N\128-82(:FORW=8216TO8219:G=G+8AND31:VPOKEW,86+(GAND16):VPOKE4+W,85+G\24:NEXT:@:Q=O:IFC99)*(1-CMOD3):L=(QANDO+Q)+LAND1:S=S+(0=(OAND64))-(0=(OANDV))*(2-((S>9)=-L)):S=(S>14+L*6)*(L+2)-(S>0)*(S-1)(:FORW=3TO4:PUTSPRITEW+1,(F*10+W*V,95),14,4*B+W+1:PUTSPRITE3+W,(W*V,127),14,4*F+3+W:NEXT:NYYRIKKI
7 PUTSPRITE1,(115-(D<34)*((24-D)*B+F*10)+(E-64)*D\225,-Y*(98+D)-31),6,15-D\25-(T>R)*9:M=(X>72)-(X<0):E=NAND128:N=N+9-S:S=S*((X-15-E\3)\15<>0ORD<73)*(M=0):SOUND4,U-S*9(:X=X+5*(M-(0=(OAND128))+(0=(OAND16)))-S*B\4:FORW=0TO0:W=PLAY(0):NEXTW,T
8 S=15:Z$=SPACE$(S)+"Race Over  Time ="+STR$((TIME\(6-PEEK(43)\128))/10)+"s":FORN=0TOU:D=88-3*N:LOCATE6,4:PUTSPRITE0,(116-(36-X)*D\126,(68+D)-(D<0)*128),1,S-D\24:+:PRINTMID$(Z$+Z$,NMOD38+1,S):SOUND(1ANDN)+9,-(D>0)*D\6:NEXT:SCREEN0:CLEAR


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afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

11-01-2012, 19:17

Hmm... It seems that the WYSIWYG editor does not work too well either...


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afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

13-01-2012, 21:13


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afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

13-01-2012, 21:14

It seems that I can't post a link... If I do so, my post gets deleted (I tried to link inside

Van Manuel

Ascended (19220)

afbeelding van Manuel

14-01-2012, 14:32

I can confirm that. The post ends up in /dev/null without any warning.

Van wouter_

Champion (501)

afbeelding van wouter_

14-01-2012, 19:00

When I try to access the wiki, I get the following error:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

(SQL query hidden)
from within function "User::addToDatabase". Database returned error "1062: Duplicate entry 'Wouter ' for key 'user_name' (localhost)".

It's possibly related to the trailing underscore in my username.
(I don't mind if you give this bug lower priority.)

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

afbeelding van wolf_

14-01-2012, 22:46

<-- See that_ ? Smile

Van hap

Paragon (2042)

afbeelding van hap

14-01-2012, 23:06

some random points for crew & co:
- Please get rid of the left sidebar in newsposts, this allows text/reactions to become wider. "related news" can move to the right bar, and "news topics" and "archives" are useless to have in a sidebar: they can be accessible via the site main menu. ("news topics" isn't there yet, it seems, but should be trivial to add)
- On the frontpage, "spotlight" and "photoshoots" blocks are not as important as they suggest the viewer to be. Their height can be reduced to nearly a half of what it is now, making the other 4 blocks completely visible without having to scroll down.
- The width of the left bar on the forum/reactions can be reduced a bit, I suppose, leaving more room for text. Shorten long titles like "Ambassador". Of posting time, limit the year to 2 digits and maybe make the font smaller.
- Add "trading & collecting" forum link to mainmenu->forum. It's one of your busiest subforums after all.

- You have waaaay to many subforums for this day and age of the internet. Merge some!
- (i had to log out to doublecheck this Tongue).. at the upper part of the right sidebar "Become a member", the register button/link is glitched. Using firefox here.

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