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Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9991)

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22-12-2011, 13:00

I'm starting to believe you don't actually exist and we're talking to a fata morgana.. Hannibal

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

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22-12-2011, 13:02

Well I am ofcourse Low Profile with the avatar of the greatest sneaker of all time, Solid Snake. Maybe the internetzz is not detecting my presence? Smile Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van mars2000you

Enlighted (6318)

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22-12-2011, 13:08

You should maybe try on another computer or on the computer of a friend ... Hannibal

Van snout

Ascended (15187)

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22-12-2011, 13:20

Low_Profile: that must definitely it. Get out of your cardboard box and try again! ^_^

Van Poltergeist

Champion (279)

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22-12-2011, 22:44

I don't seem to be able to logon using the topleft entry fields, when I'm on the wiki page. I always get redirected to the "logon page", and I'm (after 30 tries or so) quite sure I typed my username and password correctly. On other pages (Home, News, Forums, at least) it works fine. It doesn't matter if username or e-mail is used...

When in the forum, checking this thread, when I'm on the first page, only the first 5 pages are shown. 6, 7 and 8 are available through the dropdown box, but at first glance, it seems the thread only has 5 pages. When I'm on page 2, 1 through 6 are shown, on page 3, 1 through 7, et cetera. Don't know if it's by design, but you cannot see immediately how many pages there are...

(perhaps it's by design, because when I'm on page 8, the first page isn't shown...)

Oh yeah: a first and last button would be nice... especially as you get send to the last page automatically...



Van Manuel

Ascended (18953)

afbeelding van Manuel

22-12-2011, 23:30

When I add an image to a Wiki article and look at the preview and then click the red link to the image to upload it, I get a "You must be logged in" issue... It's not usable.

When I upload an image via "upload file", after uploading I get a 404.... But the file is uploaded.

Van hit9918

Prophet (2925)

afbeelding van hit9918

23-12-2011, 09:51

code posting test:


The only way to get tabs is to paste from clipboard.
The first tab in the code creates a second code box in the GUI.
The TABs dont work, the double tab before the comment ends up with 2 blanks.

Van Poltergeist

Champion (279)

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23-12-2011, 11:49

Another problem: Links in articles are not always working anymore. For example: in, there is a link to, however the link now points to

I must admit that I do not know if this was an error on the old site, though. I don't think so.... Also in most articles it seems to work allright.


Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

afbeelding van Jorito

23-12-2011, 12:10

We still have to do a check for older content, there might be more links that need to be changed. I tried to do most of it automatically, but I'm pretty sure I missed some links.

As for this link, I fixed it. It was a problem in the link itself on the old site as well&nbspCryingit's not a valid external URL because the http:// part is missing, therefore it's seen as an internal URL). There's bound to be some more legacy stuff and editor errors in the migrated content Wink 

Van Hydragon

Paladin (743)

afbeelding van Hydragon

24-12-2011, 17:47

Server just went down for a couple of minutes and when it returned I saw some weird errors on the page:

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