Dante-2 Part 1, 7, 12 and 13

Door Durany

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07-08-2005, 21:08

Huy all,

I'm very proud to be here on this FORUM!

Is there anyone who can help me out with some texts of Dante-2 inside some FutureDisks:

FD # 14 (Intro)
FD # 20 (part 7)
FD # 23 (part 12)
FD # 24 (part 13)

I need the texts, so I can complete my digital "Dante-2 Handleiding". Hope there is someone
who can mail me the text or sell me the FutureDisks. There are important things on those disks
like: Boss-Monsters, Shops (more..) and ofcourse the intro to Dante-2.

I hope someone reply to this,

Thanks in advance!


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Van ro

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08-08-2005, 07:20

Hai there and welkcom Durany
(sorry can't help ya on this one)

Van Jorito

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08-08-2005, 12:30

I have those texts in .txt format somewhere. I already gave them to RamonMSX, who would (hopefully) place them on his Cipher page (www.sdsnatcher.net/dante2.html), but dunno where he left them.

Van Durany

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15-08-2005, 22:48


Tnx for you replies (ro and Jorito)!

I know that Ramon is creating Cipher (absolutely great!), but it´s a pity he did not placed the .txt on his site...
I really hope someone could help me with this.. I really wanted to complete it.

Thanks in advance!