Help me to recall the game!

Door YuN

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afbeelding van YuN

19-02-2013, 00:38

Unfortunately, I don't remember much about it. I played it in 1988 or 1989 after all Wink It was for MSX2 and, IIRC, used SCREEN 8 mode. It was RPG or action/adventure set in a fantasy world. The graphics was colorful but rather simple (far not as good as in Vampire Killer etc.): the game map (up-down, not side-view, not isometric) made of square blocks, and "square" characters (16*16, I think). The map was really big, and there were rivers on it. The game was long and allowed saving. At the end you had to kill a big dragon. The game name may contain "myth" or "tale" since I found save files with these names while I am not sure if any of them are indeed from this game.
Any ideas what is this game? I think I'll recognize it if I see screenshots.

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Van JohnHassink

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19-02-2013, 00:39

Sounds like this one: it?

Van YuN

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19-02-2013, 16:49

Yes, probably it is!
I cannot remember how to fight there, however. Just to hold space to stay in attack mode? Hit it repeatedly? The first monsters I meet kill me Sad

Van Manuel

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19-02-2013, 20:54

Attack them 'from behind'...

Van Randam

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afbeelding van Randam

19-02-2013, 21:47

Aside from Manuel's good suggestion, note that the character has a defend and attack mode. Hold down SPACE to stay in attack mode. Release and you'll go back to defend mode. Also keep in mind that your life will replenish when you stand on the grass, but when standing on tree tiles and some other ones your HP remains the same or will actually go down.

Good luck with rediscovering Hydlide!