mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v0.96

mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v0.96

van toughkid op 25-09-2013, 10:37
Onderwerp: Software

A new version of mglOCM - a megarom loader for 1chip MSX has been released. The changelog is as follows:

  • Fixes for 16KB mirrored rom compatibility issues
  • Stability improvement for basic rom game
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and peformance improvements

Relevant link: mglOCM v0.96

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Van x-nen Aivalahostia

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25-09-2013, 19:33

Good news, i'll test it soon!! Thanks!!!
It works on Altera DE1 or DE0 Fpga boards?

Van overrich

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25-09-2013, 22:40


Van moonsuncst

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26-09-2013, 01:36

kdl firmware of v3.1 and over Wink