More Japanese MSX Magazines, and some MSX-Fan

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03-03-2014, 10:51

Several assorted MSX Magazines, direct witnesses of the best times of MSX in Japan. Evidences of Terra Cresta or Konami's Break Shot, how to build up yourself a 2+ video digitizer...

MSX Magazine 3/1986
MSX Magazine 11/1987
MSX Magazine 3/1988
MSX Magazine 12/1988
MSX Magazine 1/1989

A pair of MSX-Fan, the magazine that took the baton of Ascii during the last years of MSX in Japan. These issues are from the times of Illusion City, Princess Maker... also featuring rarities like Simcity or Super Battleskin Panic.

MSX-Fan 3/1992
MSX-Fan 7/1992

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17-03-2014, 22:46

Last call! The first bidder takes them all:

MSX Magazine 3/1986, 3/1988, 1/1989