Enlarge SDCC's stack

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Van Marq

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06-02-2015, 23:57

By the way, there are macros DI and EI in interrupt.h, so no need to reimplement them like above.

#define DI __asm di __endasm
#define EI __asm ei __endasm

They are often timing critical, too, so better not turn them into slow functions.


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07-02-2015, 14:15

From what I see HiTech C v7.8 is more advanced than sdcc in some aspects:
- parameters are aways passed in b c d e and on the stack only if needed
- Out() Otir() and other i/o functions are in a native library implemented in line opcodes
- memset and memcpy are inlined using ldir (not sure here if sdcc doesn't do the same)

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