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18-05-2015, 09:54

Normal box
RC 700-X04 Atheletic land European
RC 700 I Love Athletic Land Japanese
RC 701 I Love Antarctic Adventure Japanese
RC 702 I love Monkey Academy Japanese
702-X04 Monkey Academy European
RC 705 Super Cobra Japanese
RC 705 Super Cobra European
RC 710 Hyper Olympics 1 Japanese
RC 711 Hyper Olympics 2 Japanese
RC 712 Circus Charlie Japanese
RC 712 Circus Charlie European
RC 715 Hyper Sports 1 Japanese
RC 715 Hyper Sports 1 European
RC 717 Hyper Sports 2 Japanese
RC 718 Hyper Rally European
RC 718 Hyper Rally Japanese
RC 720 Tennis Japanese
RC 721 Sky Jaguar Japanese
RC 723 Konami's Golf Japanese
RC 725 Yie Ar Kung Fu European
RC 727 King's Valley Japanese
RC 727 King's Valley European (sealed)
RC 728 MopIranger Japanese
RC 728 MopIranger European
RC 730 Road Fighter Japanese
RC 730 Road Fighter European
RC 731 Konami's Ping Pong Japanese
RC 732 Soccer Japanese
RC 733 Hyper Sports 3 European
RC 734 The Goonies Japanese
RC 734 The Goonies European
RC 736 Konami's Boxing Japanese
RC 737 Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 European
RC 739 Knightmare Japanese
RC 739 Knightmare European
RC 740 Twin Bee Japanese
RC 740 Twin Bee European
RC 741 The Sizer Japanese
RC 742 Nemesis European

Box and manual (no cartridge!)
RC 700-X04 Atheletic Land European
RC 700-X05 Atheletic Land European
RC 701-X05 Antarctic Adventure European
RC 702-X05 Monkey Academy European
RC 706 Konami's Billiards European
RC 710 Track & Field 1 European
RC 711 Track & Field 2 European
RC 717 Hyper Sports 2 European
RC 718 Hyper Rally European
RC 720 Tennis European
RC 723 Konami's Golf European
RC 727 King's Valley European
RC 731 Konami's Ping Pong European
RC 732 Soccer European
RC 732 Football European
RC 736 Boxing European

RC 700-X04 HBJ-E027C-E SONY version European
RC 702-X04 HBJ-E0278-E SONY version European

Big Box
RC 743 Penguin Adventure Japanese
RC 744 Vampire Killer Japanese
RC 745 King Kong 2 Japanese
RC 747 Hinotori / Firebird Japanese
RC 748 Ganbare Goemon Japanese
RC 749 The Maze of Galious Japanese
RC 751 Gradius 2 Japanese
RC 752 F1 Spirit Japanese
RC 753 Usas Japanese
RC 754 Shalom (Knightmare 3) Japanese
RC 755 The Game Maser 2 Japanese
RC 758 Salamander Japanese
RC 759 Parodius Japanese
RC 760 King's Valley 2 MSX 1 Japanese
RC 764 Nemesis 3 Japanese
RA 011 SD Snatcher (box bad shape) Japanese

Big box and manual (no Cartridge!)
RC 745 King Kong 2 Japanese
RC 766 Pennant Race 2 Japanese
RC 768 Space Manbow Japanese

European small box
RC 743 Penguin Adventure European
RC 746 Qbert European
RC 753 USAS European

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18-05-2015, 10:12

Is this all or is still more coming Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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18-05-2015, 13:19

Email send Smile

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18-05-2015, 16:12

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18-05-2015, 17:06

One more Smile

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19-05-2015, 02:22

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I have sent a private email. regards

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Nice Wink better than the collection i used to have.

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20-05-2015, 04:01

This is kind of a dumb question, but... are we supposed to email with an offer/bid, or email and ask for an offer price? I did the latter, but just realized that if the OP had a price in mind for any of these items, he/she probably would've given it...

I may be an idiot! Wink


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