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Van Retrofan

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20-11-2015, 16:08

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4 sd_snatcher
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Van meits

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20-11-2015, 18:30

Keep those Moonsound clones coming... Soon I have more OPL4 cartridges than MSXes Smile

By the way... This DAC talk I read here and there... It seems the Moonsound clones always seem to use inferior DACs... Dunno which whould be used, but I'd like it if this one has a better one than the one used up til now...

Van l_oliveira

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21-11-2015, 18:33

You can connect any DAC you want on any OPL4 cartridge including a SPDIF encoder as it's just a standard I2S connection, in parallel without any need of disconnecting the original DAC from the OPL4, in parallel. Because it's output only you will have the output happen at the same time in all DACs.

You can do it even with the original ones from Sunrise.

The problem with the Yamaha one is that it loops the audio externally through OP amps to make stereo work and that induces noise on the output. Crunchness and outher characteristics of the audio on the Yamaha DAC also may vary a lot from board design and parts quality due to the increased circuit complexity.

But then in the end, I believe the only way of getting zero noise from it is hook it through SPDIF/TOSHLINK cable.

Van sd_snatcher

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22-11-2015, 14:18

A SPDIF output on an OPL4 cartridge would be awesome. It would mean absolutely clean sound, without any noise coming from the MSX Vcc lines.

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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25-12-2015, 22:26

any news on this??

Van Robby

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26-12-2015, 13:15

Retrofan wrote:

You're on the list Smile As told I cannot confirm specifications yet.

Any specifications defined yet? Personally, i would like to know it in advance (at least the main specs) before i make my decision to order.
I think (in the meantime) people would like to know it by now, considering the number of people who are one the list already (so i suppose it's not a financial matter anymore, from development point of view?)....

Van Retrofan

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26-12-2015, 16:28

Nope, nothing defined yet. If I know more, I will let you guys know. Don't expect it too soon. It takes a lot of spare time from Jun Wink

Van LORe

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16-08-2016, 13:15

Any news about Dalsori cartridge?

Van Retrofan

Paragon (1339)

afbeelding van Retrofan

16-08-2016, 13:44

No, I'm sorry... Jun has too little time for it. Maybe in the near future.

Van LORe

Resident (34)

afbeelding van LORe

16-08-2016, 13:48

Thanks ☺

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