TuNzIp v0.91 released

TuNzIp v0.91 released

van syn op 24-10-2015, 21:42
Onderwerp: Software

TuNzIp, the world's first MSX decompressor for modern ZIP files got an update. The New Image released version v0.91 of this important tool, written by GuyveR800, today. This version fixes a couple of bugs that could occur with compressed files of certain sizes.

Support for subdirectories trees and long filenames is still in development. TuNzIp is built on top of a lean and mean decompression engine, which balances impressive speed with minimal binary size and memory footprint. Indeed, the executable file is only slightly over 4kB! As such it has no problems running in shelled MSX-DOS2 environments, or in combination with TSR programs.

Relevant link: TuNzIp homepage

Reacties (6)

Van Hydragon

Paladin (743)

afbeelding van Hydragon

24-10-2015, 23:30

nice, good work.

Van syn

Prophet (2097)

afbeelding van syn

26-10-2015, 13:19

Maybe this should be spotlighted? Can 1 of our dear admins make this happen please? Big smile thanks Big smile

Van Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

afbeelding van Lord_Zett

26-10-2015, 16:04

wut??? soon i dont need a pc for my msx stuff. all on msx!

Van edoz

Prophet (2445)

afbeelding van edoz

26-10-2015, 22:10

Very cool! Last time it was already working well. I will try this version too :-) hope that subdirectory support will be added soon! That would be cool for distribute software in packages!

Van Durany

Rookie (29)

afbeelding van Durany

28-10-2015, 20:55

Huy Syn, i noticed it was added to the spotlight!

Nice tool though! keep up the good work.

Van raymond

Hero (612)

afbeelding van raymond

01-11-2015, 14:50

Nice tool!

I now read it doesn't support subdirectories while extracting. That does explain the error message I have Smile Extracting other zip-files is working very well. Will there also be a program released to create such zip-files on the MSX?