WTB: Yamaha C7XM

Door sdsnatcher73

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04-05-2018, 06:16

I’d love to play around with a Yamaha CX7M, does anyone have one and is willing to part with it? Should be in general good condition. The SFG-05, and covers for the minislot and extension port are preferably present, a keyboard is not needed (the music keyboard). Contact me directly or in this thread.

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Van Spider

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04-05-2018, 17:47

I have Yamaha CX7/128. similar to https://www.msx.org/wiki/images/0/06/Cx7a.jpg
It does not have letter 'M' in the model name, SFG-05 is not installed in this system.
Slots have all lids and covers. Condition is good. Power is Japan-style 100V.
Location is Boston/USA.
Price is $350.

I also have several FDD.
Yamaha FD-05 disk drives with FD-051controllers; pretty similar to https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/2x-yamaha-fd-05-flopp...
Price for FD-05+controller FD051: $180 or
FD-05+FD-05+controllerFD051+[FD-052 wire for connecting two fdds together]: $260

I also have Sony MSX FDD with controller. model is HBD-F1: similar to http://www.daijyu.net/category/select/pid/1614
Price for it: $150

All parts are authentic. No boxes. Prices in US dollars, PayPal fees and shipping are extra.
Will post pictures if community has interest.

Note: FDDs are sold as sets with controllers and FD-052 where applicable.

Van Spider

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04-05-2018, 18:57

Just in case if someone thinks $180 is a lot for FD05+FD051,
here is a link https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-FD-051-INTERFACE-CABLE-FD-05...