Buying a V9958 from ebay

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Van erpirao

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13-08-2018, 23:09

Van Edevaldo

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06-12-2018, 18:49

I was checking and I bought 3 chips on ebay in late 2016. The price almost tripled since then.

Van SkalTura

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17-12-2018, 13:38

Bought one about 1 year ago.
The pins had some oxidation on them, but it was easily removable with a glass brush.
Chip worked fine...

Van lak

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afbeelding van lak

21-03-2019, 15:50

It would be great and helpful if the names of the Chinese vendors from Ebay that sold genuine V9958/38 chips were made known to members here.

Van Nprod

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21-03-2019, 21:49

Yeah V9958's aren't really popular enough to be making fakes of - the ones that are sold from china are just new old stock. Have in mind that these things didn't sell much even when they were brand new as by the time they came out few machines used them and the writing was on the wall for MSX...

Van c32f

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26-03-2019, 01:51

There are fakes but they are obvious like
I didn't notice the wider DIP64 package and bought them but when I got around to using them I noticed they where just painted as V9958, if you scratch the top they are revealed to be just M680000P8 CPUs and maybe dead ones from a very quick test I did.

Van Wild_Penguin

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26-03-2019, 06:17

To me that doesn't look obviously fake, I can easily see me buying one (if I needed a DPU). Surely you've reported the seller to eBay?

Van lkpalwa

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afbeelding van lkpalwa

26-03-2019, 09:59

Not all are fake I have bought 3 from different Ebay seller and all works (but that was 2013, 2106 and 2017) so does seller are not around anymore, I later found it was cheaper to buy DIY kit with VDP incl,have both 2 of does and both V9958 worked I use them when upgrade to 2+ of SVI and PHILIPS machines + plus I got nice working DRAM also Smile
Look at the seller rate and negative .. normal surplus vendor have alot of business in China and they normally do not sell fake stuff, I also buy alot of CPLD chips from there, normally without issues Smile

Van c32f

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26-03-2019, 13:45

I've not reported the seller yet and i feel a bit bad for asking him a refund because i don't think he was aware that they are fake, he just sourced them from somebody else without testing them.
But i also i bought 6 41464 drams and only recieved two.. i don't know..

Van Nprod

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afbeelding van Nprod

26-03-2019, 22:17

Wow, first time i see fake V9958's... I guess nothing's safe from scumbag sellers. Comparing the photo to the real thing, the most obvious difference is that the real V9958 doesn't have a notch in the middle of one side, but instead has a bigger indented circle in one corner to denote the direction. You should report the seller, if anything so that other people don't make the mistake of buying them.

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