Rom Hunter mkII

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Van tfh

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30-06-2019, 14:23

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

404 not found....

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

This mirror doesn't have that issue:

Van meits

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30-06-2019, 16:05

Apparently there are quite some leachers there. The complete site has been downloaded some 22 times this month. That's weird. But tomorrow the counter will be reset.

Van Takamichi

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30-06-2019, 16:26

Manuel wrote: contains an interesting zip file.

As OeiOeiVogeltje may have pointed out, I get Not Found error. Some other folder maybe? Edit: thanks tfh, I can see the folder.

Van Takamichi

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30-06-2019, 16:39

rderooy wrote:

Also, if your trying to emulate saving to tape you don't want to use a Turbo R, since the Turbo R lacks tape support. Any other MSX generation would be fine.

In addition, if your emulating this ROM Hunter Cartridge, the emulator would need to know that it also contains RAM, as it also needs to emulate that. Just running the ROM will not be enough.

I also realized trying with turboR configuration isn't relevant a few minutes later so I am looking for something else. And of course testing dumping-to-tape with real turboR was also ridiculous.
As for RAM, I expected the rom hunter rom file running on WebMSX to hang up or fail miserably but it did manage to "dump" a quite faithful image. It's either emulator doesn't mind about rewriting empty pages, or the rom hunter doesn't really use the RAM. It's only a MSX1 8KB code, probably simply copying contents of the cart to tape realtime.

Van gdx

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30-06-2019, 16:53


Can you take PCB pictures please?

Van Takamichi

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30-06-2019, 17:44

The casing seems to be a "once closed never open" type, I cannot open it even after unscrewing. Nevertheless there are pictures of the PCB at generation-msx, though very low res.
Meanwhile I tested "dumping" a Konami rom with emulated Rom Hunter. Looks pretty accurate. Result PIN: goemonstuntw Edit: I looked at the texts on the box carefully and noticed "rom hunter auto-detects ASCII and KONAMI mapper and banks"

Van Takamichi

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01-07-2019, 16:07

Follow up; Rom Hunter mkII cannot dump 4Mb Metal Gear 2 so there must be a limit. Also on WebMSX rom hunter cannot load image and play with GAME -> START feature. When I try it says "LOADING!" then returns to the initial screen.
I can buy one of those tiny USB cameras to take photos inside. And I forgot to say I own neither the box nor manual, am just looking at their photos.
Is anyone interested in buying/renting this cartridge and testing it yourself?

Van Takamichi

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02-07-2019, 11:29

I bought a USB endoscope but couldn't take any meaningful photo. To take better picture I have to rip open the casing and I don't want to do that. Obviously Rom Hunter doesn't like itself to be copied Wink The photos are here anyway PIN: narrowslit Perhaps the RAM is used only for playing the image so emu fails to "load" with only the ROM part being inserted.

Van rderooy

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02-07-2019, 14:53

@Takamichi I think it is indeed likely that the RAM is only used for playback of games. It seems to have 2Mbit of RAM, so your limited to a maximum of 256KB, at least for playback. As to the dump of Metal Gear 2 not succeeding, I suspect it is too new and the software perhaps is not able to recognise the mapper properly. And even if it succeeded it would not be able to play it back as the cartridge does not have enough RAM.

Van Jipe

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02-07-2019, 15:02

your zip files need a password !!

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