Help: Trying to write Disk with HiBrid

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Door RetroFletch

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23-07-2019, 20:31

So i have a nice Sony HB-F700 and its missing the disk that originally came with it that contained a windows like program called HiBrid. I was able to locate it here

And i have tried to write it to disk using Disk-Manager V0.15.
I am able to format the disk, tried it both on the MSX and using the diskmanager program, im able to write the files using the disk imager program and if i put it in the MSX and type FILES it will list the files.. however if i try to boot with the disk in it just gets stuck on blue screen. And if i try to run program from dos i get Disk I/O Error.

I tried also to write the disk using Kryoflux with same results..

The software was ment for this machine so it should work =/

Any ideas?

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Van RetroFletch

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23-07-2019, 20:54

Ill add that i have tried the disk image with blueMSX emulator and it works just fine.

And the drive reads another msx software disk that came with the machine no problem, do it reads disks just fine.

Van sdsnatcher73

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23-07-2019, 21:19

Sounds like it might just be a floppy disk that’s nearing it’s expiration date. Or the disk drive may need some rejuvenation (unless it has no issues with other disks).

Van Manuel

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24-07-2019, 10:14

Format it on the MSX. The probleem might be that it is a single sided disk image. What is the file size of the disk image?

Van gdx

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24-07-2019, 10:45

HiBrid is on a disk 720K. Format it on the MSX with the Disk Basic v1.xx or with the DOS1.

Van RetroFletch

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24-07-2019, 20:24

Yes HiBrid is 720K disk, so something didnt seem quite right, the disks SHOULD work.. I had tried several floppy drives to write the disks and many different disks but same issues..

So i decided best thing to do was to test disks in another MSX floppy drive.. problem was that the one in my other msx had a failed belt.. so i figured id use this excuse to have it changed and sure enough the disks worked. So that ment the original floppy in the HB-F700 was bad.. wich really sucks because thats not a standard drive and replacing it with a new one wont look as good..

but in the end i replaced it and now it all worked.. thought id share a picture, not as nice as standard drive and keyboard missing a key but im happy to finally have it all up and working.. and thats the HiBrid software on the screen!

Such a nice machine :)

Bonus pic! I also decided to replace bad drive in my Panasonic FS-FD1A with a Gotek, most software wont start on the Sony HB-F1XV MSX2+ because it only have 64K ram, but on the Sony HB-F700 alot of games worked great! Might need to look into a memory upgrade of some sort..

Sorry for the long post im just happe i ended up with 3 working drives after all the issues :p Thanks for the help!

Van meits

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24-07-2019, 20:57

I got the Dutch original disk here... If you want it, pm me your address and I'll put it in an envelope...

Van ToriHino

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24-07-2019, 21:12

When you use one of the 'multi carts', like MegaFlashRom, Carnivore or GR8NET you can solve the memory problem as well as the floppy, since you than can use virtual disk images as well Smile

Btw that's a great looking Sony 2+ and yes, the F700 is probably one of the best MSX2 systems.

Van hamlet

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25-07-2019, 10:22

Do not forget to let the mouse dance!

Van Manuel

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25-07-2019, 10:44

Meits, I would also be interested.... So if OP isn't...

Van RetroFletch

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25-07-2019, 12:05

Yes i was lucky enough to pick up two really nice machines, ive been looking at upgrading the memory on the MSX2+ but it seems verry dificult and im not sure i wanna risk it, the MegaFlashROm cartridge seems like a way better solution so im probably gonna pick one up when my wallet alows it Tongue Or is there a reason to go with the Carnivore instead? I dont really need networking on my MSX so i figure the GR8NET wouldnt be as usefull for me.

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