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Door DamnedAngel

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30-07-2019, 14:05

Hi folks,

Last May my parents decided to sell their house and I took my old stuff which was still there, including my books on MSX. My 9yo daughter took one of them (Oscar Burd's JOGOS MSX - Volume I - and typed in a Sea Battle game listing - and had fun with it!

One week later, she asked if she could make a YouTube video on the game she typed in. My wife and I talked about it and decided to let her have a go. You can watch her display of the game here (Portuguese, with English subs):

After that, she asked if she could do her own game, and we've been working on it. I teach her things, but let she type in the commands by herself, and while I give support to solve problems, I let her find her errors by herself as much as she can.

Last weekend we made her second video available. This one has much more content and she explains what she's been learning about MSX graphics to make her game with some details on the usage of some graphical commands.

You can watch it here (also Portuguese, with English subs):

The idea is having her showing what she learned every step of the way, so we intend to have a full series on tips on writing a basic BASIC game.

If you feel up to, please watch the videos/like/subscribe, but, mainly, leave her your comments, since that really boosts her motivation on her journey. I thank you immensely!!!!

Thank you all very much... and DarkKisses! LOL!

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Van ducasp

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30-07-2019, 16:42

That's really cool Smile

Van tfh

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30-07-2019, 17:14

OMG... This really makes me feel old.
I've just subscribed to the channel and am looking forward to the next episode!

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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30-07-2019, 23:04

very nice!!!

Van tfh

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31-07-2019, 09:36

And in case you want to take a closer look at her work:

I will keep updating this as she progresses.
/me feels very nostalogic looking at this. What she is doing, is everything MSX stands for. MSX might never have been the best gaming machine, but... if there was any a machine which made it so easy and so much fun to take your first steps in programming. The MSX was it.

Van alexito

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31-07-2019, 12:17

@tfh: Cool, thanks bro.

Van Grauw

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31-07-2019, 12:22

You must be a really proud dad Smile.

Van meits

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31-07-2019, 13:55

Takes me back to the mid 80s, being the same age, having the same hobby...
No matter how useless MSX-Basic is in the modern world, her insight and knowledge will help her understand future challenges. Smile

Van RetroTechie

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31-07-2019, 20:04

Help others learn to code, by showing how YOU are learning to code. Excellent, I like it!! Cool Some tips:

* Obviously you'll want to be keeping an eye on what she's doing online. Especially about sharing personal info like where you all live & such. And (maybe) limit the hours screen time she gets each day.
* As soon as you get an audience, I'd tell her not to try & answer all questions. Comment sections have a habit of turning into 'self-help forums' so that viewer B answers questions asked by viewer A. You just answer a question now & then, and incorporate general feedback in future videos. Ofcourse "thank you"s never hurt!
* Don't skip on intro's: what are you doing, what's that box you're using, what books/magazines you have in front of you etc. For example a quick flash of a book cover does the job as long as title is readable.

Van santiontanon

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01-08-2019, 00:07

Wow! I don't speak Portuguese, but I am extremely impressed! It is super cool watching a 9 year old giving a lecture about the different screen modes, colors, resolutions, etc. You should be beyond proud as this is really amazing!! Best of luck with the channel! Smile

Van DamnedAngel

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02-09-2019, 15:51

Hi all, thank everyone for the encouraging words and ideas!

Yeah, I am a proud dad. She's cute and smart. I couldn't be happier!

Thanks @tfh for hosting her game, she is rushing to have her game ready to present at MSX RIbeirão Preto next weekend, and we will release a new version. Hopefully she will manage... Smile

@RetroTechie, thanks for the tips. Yes, my wife and I track her (both of them, actually) very closely.

I will follow up with a post of her new video.

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