[WTS] Very rare and hardly used MB-H3 fully operational in original box

Door sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3396)

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16-11-2020, 10:07

A very nice MSX computer in as good as new condition. It has probably only been used a shot time and then put back in it's box out of which it has now emerged in very beautiful condition. There is no yellowing or any usage signs present. There is some leakage in the battery compartment (signs it has been used at some point) but nothing major.

If you are interested please contact my by e-mail. My address is on my profile page.

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Van raulsantacruz

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16-11-2020, 10:55

Amazing one! I have one too!. The tablet is able to detect kanji and hiraganas/katakanas character only drawing it (like actual IME Japanese in Windows). Very advanced in the past days! Only one consideration: these computer has only 64KbVRAM (for example, Space Manbow doesnt work). It's very easy to update (there are several tutorials) but I believe it's better to keep in original status (but it's everyone consideration).


Van sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3396)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

16-11-2020, 12:00

Yes I know, I did not upgrade the VRAM because opening the case would need to break the label. It is a true collector’s item and I think it should be kept as is, but of course it is up to the (new) owner.